offers mutually beneficial cooperation for owners of groups in social networks, websites, YouTube, telegram channels or other sites, chats with the theme of Forex.
Collaboration is to promote our paid products, as well as attracting investors to our project. From each successfully completed transaction (sale) or from the profit received from the account in management, we give 50% of the profit.

Examples of cooperation:

– You attracted a buyer EA, connected us with him, he bought an adviser (EA), you received 50% of the transaction
– You attracted an investor, connected us with him, he gave an account to the management, we made a profit from this account, you got 50% of our profit. The larger the initial balance, the greater our and your profit.

Nuances in the work:

– It is very important that the buyer or investor involved by you informs that you sent it to us.
– Communication with buyers or investors through third parties is not conducted. Direct contact only without intermediaries
– You get 50% of the profit only in case of a successful transaction (sale), after the receipt of funds from the buyer you have attracted.
– You get 50% of the profit from working with an investor only in case of successful payment of our part of the profit from the investor involved

Contacts for communication:

 Phone: +380978167824
 Telegram: @mforexpro